As a little specialty as I’m writing chapter 13…

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It’s a picture page! I’ve gone online and found pictures of people that would be what I could visualize my characters to be. Obviously, they’re all Asian, because I have a source of those pictures. Here’s the page. ^_^

The Picture Page!


Chapter 12 is done!

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I’ve finished another short story in between Chapter 11 and this chapter… which was quite a bit of time. Either way, I’m not doing so badly. This chapter I don’t know if I liked. Some of the interactions were fun to write, but others were hard. I’m surprised Kaelyn is so hard to write for me.

Anyhow, Chapter 12.

So, here’s another short story!

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This one… really, is me writing a narrative essay for my little brother. So… not much length to it, but I still like it. It’s pretty neat.

The Torn Blue Skies

Tomorrow’s Prelude, a short story.

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I’ll post something else I’ve written for the first time. “Tomorow’s Prelude” is a short, 5 page story that revolves around the swimming career of the high-school student, Derek Telaney.

Tomorrow’s Prelude

Chapter Eleven is DONE!

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I think that’s a new record, I swear! 2 days! Go me. Hopefully I can keep this pace. *of course not*

This chapter… more action. Definitely. I liked it, so once again… I don’t think it’s good.

Chapter Eleven

Hah! Not long after Chapter Nine, either!

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This is Chapter 10. I enjoyed writing it, so… well, if the past is anything to go off of, it won’t be a vrey good chapter. But, who knows. Good luck to me. Make sure to comment as well! ^_^

Chapter 10

And, finally, after a long respite… Here’s Chapter 9!

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I won’t slow you all down with some unneeded talk. I’ll send you all right into the chapter. Here.

Chapter Nine